Iain Menzies Banks
- United Kingdom (Scotland)
- 1954~2013
- Published by Open Books since 2005
- 7 titles to date
- Most popular title: The Wasp Factory (as Iain Banks), Consider Phlebas (as Iain M. Banks)
- Latest release: The Business in 2012

Open Books has a passion for science fiction. It has published SF classics by Connie Willis (Doomsday Book, To Say Nothing of the Dog), Dan Simmons (Hyperion & The Fall of Hyperion), Mike Resnick (Kirinyaga) and stories by Roger Zelazny, with several other projects on the way.

The works of acclaimed Scottish novelist Iain M. Banks, creator of the Culture universe, are at the heart of Open Books' SF collection. The Korean edition of Consider Phlebas -the first of the Culture novels- was published in 2007 and the second novel, The Player of Games, in 2011. The Algebraist was published in spring 2010.

Among the non-SF works of the author (writing as Iain Banks), Open Books published his debut novel The Wasp Factory in 2005 followed by The Bridge, Complicity and The Business.

Works by Iain Menzies Banks in translation from Open Books (with year of publication of the Korean edition)
As Iain M. Banks:
Consider Phlebas (2007)
The Algebraist (2010)
The Player of Games (2011)

As Iain Banks:
The Wasp Factory (2005)
The Bridge (2009)
Complicity (2011)
The Business (2012)