Luis Sepúlveda
- Chile
- Born 1949
- Published by Open Books since 2001
- 15 titles to date
- Most popular title: The Old Man Who Read Love Stories
- Latest release: Historia de un perro llamado Leal in 2017

Luis Sepúlveda is Chilean, has traveled extensively through Latin America and Europe and lives in Spain. He is a major writer in today's world literature scene. He is also a politically and socially committed journalist and film director.

Open Books first published Sepúlveda's classic The Old Man Who Read Love Stories in 2001, along with Nombre de torero and Diario de un killer sentimental. Twelve other novels and collections of stories were published since then, including his novel La sombra de lo que fuimos.

Sepulveda's stories are full of magnificent losers (because victory is shallow, unlike failure and loss) that are sure to take the reader on an eye-opening journey. Open Books will continue to introduce further works of this great Latin American storyteller who is also, along with Roberto Bolaño, one of the most well-known witnesses of 20th Century Chile's traumatic history.

Works by Luis Sepúlveda in translation from Open Books (with year of publication of the Korean edition)
Un viejo que leia novelas de amor (2001)
Nombre de torero
Diario de un killer sentimental
Patagonia Express
Mundo del fin del mundo
Historias marginales
Hot line
Los peores cuentos de los hermanos Grim
La lampara de Aladino
La sombra de lo que fuimos (2012)
Historias de aquí y de allá (2012)
Historia de Mix, de Max y de Mex (2015)
Historia de un caracol que descubrió la importancia de la lentitud (2016)
Historia de un perro llamado Leal (2017)